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Cardinal Pack’s ThinkBox gives back to our customers by sharing helpful packaging industry insights and information you won’t find anywhere else. We also pick up from time to time on the big ideas at tradeshows. Check back often for your latest ThinkBox blog.

Cardinal-Pioneer Partners with Packaging Clients to Meet New FDA Label Regulations

Cardinal-Pioneer is ready to help transition clients to the new FDA nutrition labels

The Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) new nutrition label announcement will affect both the retail and industrial packaging industries. All retail food packaging, including imported goods, will need to be redesigned to accommodate new FDA requirements. As a leader in the food packaging industry, Cardinal-Pioneer is ready to help its clients effectively navigate the transition and expected cost

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Flexible Packaging—Better for Consumers, Businesses, and the Environment

The majority of flexible packaging is entirely recyclable, degradable, or reusable.

The main focus of the recent 2016 Global Pouch Forum was the switch food, beverage, and household product manufacturers are making from rigid to flexible packaging. With increased awareness of product safety, recyclability, and sustainability, consumers are taking note of packaging materials, particularly those like flexible packaging that prevents tampering, contamination, and waste—and manufacturers are paying attention. Recently, Tetra Pak, a multinational food packaging and processing company, conducted a

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Innovative Resealing: Applying Heat, Vacuum, or Pressure for a Quality Seal

Vaccuum seals reduce volume, protect against exposure, and extend shelf life.

According to the Federal Packaging Association and its 2016 industry report, the ability to reseal makes flexible packaging even more appealing to consumers, making the flexible packaging industry one of the fastest-growing packaging segments in the U.S. Resealable packaging is not only convenient for consumers, but it also reduces waste, preserves freshness, and allows for easy transport in today’s grab-and-go world.

Cardinal-Pioneer is proud to advance the remarkable evolution

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