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The Cardinal Pack Consignment Inventory Program allows you to obtain products at your facility and to transfer ownership at the time of consumption. Consignments can be used to keep track of inventory that you don’t own, but at the time you consume it, while having Cardinal handle the cash flow of the inventory. To add additional value, our Customer Service Department is able to generate several reports, including a list of inventory that is on consignment but not consumed and a list of inventory and its history already consumed on consignment.

Purpose of Consignment:

  • Cost containment of rising fuel costs
  • Reduction of testing expenditures
  • Better manage cash flow
  • Ensure an adequate quantity of material available based on required needs
  • Significantly enhances the level of communication between the customer and supplier


  • Ship products to your facility and pay per consumption.
  • Maintain accurate financial physical inventory records from shipment through consumption.
  • Receive consumption notices electronically.
  • Free up cash flow.

Dynamic Packaging Design

Enables customers to customize all aspects of their packaging needs. With Cardinal Pack able to help market to mass and micro audiences no design task is unreachable. Whether you are trying to brand your business or market goods to a special audience, Cardinal can help coordinate the overall project.

We offer:

  • Labels
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Custom print jobs
  • Stickers
  • Signs

Inventory Management

At Cardinal Pack, we specialize in inventory management distribution systems for retail and industrial packaging components, both in stock and custom. Cardinal Pack is able to handle the most demanding inventory management requirements, and offers the following advantages to help customers maximize their floor space and reduce their overhead.

Advantages of Inventory Management:

  • Same day shipping, same day delivery (if requested)
  • Reduce your inventory, reduce your overhead
  • All products are randomly inspected by Cardinal Pack saving you inspection time (RQI)
  • Simple warehousing or complete Inventory Management Programs
  • Never be out of stock
  • Eliminate inventory exposure
  • Fixed packaging costs
  • Improve your turnaround time
  • Product released per your specs
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improve your bottom line

Cardinal Pack offers complete inventory management including sourcing, purchase, stocking, vendor payments and logistics. Specializing in the growth of customized stock management programs under a JIT format, Cardinal Pack is able to provide full logistic and freight services to release and ship packaging products for delivery upon request. The experienced customer service department is always available to satisfy customer needs and concerns along with schedule product release from the warehouse. Services provided also include database management, order tracking, customer feedback, along with advice and expertise from the professional staff. Cardinal Pack facilities and inventory management systems allow the organization of small volume needs through thousands of parts simultaneously. Another positive: Cardinal Pack can purchase and stock well in advance, providing customers with a way to free up their capital.

The growth opportunities for companies competing in a rapidly expanding global marketplace are tremendous. So are the challenges. Companies need to source materials worldwide and customize products for markets and individual consumers. To compete with the ever changing market and trending needs of companies, Cardinal Pack is able to offer the turnkey approach to inventory management.

The turnkey approach to inventory management is an ‘out of the box’ solution to product enhancement and customization for any business. By offering the turnkey approach, Cardinal Pack recognizes that business will be driven by satisfying customer needs and the sales of innovative products rather than the infrastructure-intensive manufacturing of those products. Rather than having to call numerous suppliers, only one call is needed to your Cardinal Pack sales representative. From design, packaging capabilities, and shipping containers, Cardinal Pack can provide it all. Not to mention point of purchase displays to market your product, and even maintain your inventory levels for packaging materials. This approach has lead the Cardinal Pack team to work quickly to meet market demands, and instill a ‘one stop shop’ system to meet all your packaging needs.

No matter what size your business, competent attention to your inventory management plan and packaging needs are the keys to success. We are here to help you achieve success!