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Premium Industrial Packaging Solutions & Services

For its industrial accounts, Cardinal Pack provides the full range of corrugated box options and value added services.

Corrugated Boxes

Clients can choose from single wall to triple wall construction and from an RSC style to a Gaylord. Labeling choices range from one color direct print, to spot labeling, to full color litho labels. Pre-production samples from the company’s large selection of stock boxes ensure both a perfect fit and the most impactful on-shelf marketing message.


A material consisting of Kraft paper formed into continuous hexagon shaped cells that can range in size and thickness. Honeycomb is recyclable and environmentally safe and is a cost effective way to provide superior protection when shipping products. Cardinal stocks honeycomb packaging in panels, u-channels, corners, and pallets to meet any industrial packing need.

Polybags and Autobags

A polybag is heat sealed or open at one end and used as a protective shield. It is easily customized to incorporate design and may be transparent or colorfully printed. They are popular for their low cost and attention getting power. They may also have an easy tear component for opening. An autobag is a pre-opened perforated bag on a roll. The special blend of poly provides strength at a lower gauge. Autobags make packaging quick and easy.

Multiwall Bags

Composed of anywhere from two to six separate bags, one sitting inside the other. These bags are exceptionally strong because each layer carries its own share of the weight of the product, so they are used to package large quantities of heavy materials. Using a variety of bag styles, bag features, paper grades, liners, and print graphics, Cardinal offers multiwall bags for a wide range of packaging applications and requirements in both the industrial and retail environments.

Foam Packaging Materials

Includes anti-static foam that is used for packing electronic components. Foam provides excellent cushioning and surface protection and can be customized to meet any specific industrial packaging requirement.

Bulk Bins and Gaylords

A bulk bin is a large corrugated fiberboard tube or half-slotted body, with one or two covers, frequently of the interlocking type. A bulk bin can be determined from a box by its quantity of products. Some carriers encourage the use of bulk bins to consolidate smaller packages and reduce handling time. One thing to make sure is that the customer can handle the weight and size of the bulk bin at its ultimate destination. Because of their filled weight, they are often placed on a pallet providing easy access for a forklift truck.

Shipping Supplies

Stretch and Shrink wrap. Industrial customers can choose from cardboard boxes, tape, protective inner packaging, stay-flat mailers, tubes, shipping labels, poly bags and more. A full color, 230-page catalog is available. Online ordering is also available.